During the middle of the second semester of my sophomore year, I felt a slump in both my academic performance and my work on staff. I credited it to my first full year back at school, which got me wondering: How are younger kids adjusting to school? To find out, I interviewed a family from my former elementary school about their post-lockdown learning experience. I also interviewed the school’s principal, to focus on a niche subject that still resonated with many students and parents. It can be challenging to maintain audience engagement on a story that focuses on the experiences of students who do not attend our school, so I made sure to craft a narrative that would be recognizable even to the high school students in the McCallum community.

Recognitions: Superior – broadcast news story, TAJE (2023); Superior – video news story, TAJE Fall Fiesta (2023); First place – digital storytelling, SIPA Best Visual Competition (2022); Part of my First place – Broadcast Journalist of the Year portfolio, NSPA Individual Awards (2022)

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