This story covered the return of a favorite McCallum tradition — Coffeehouse — an in-school performance venue where students perform original songs, poetry and other written works. I worked with two other staff members, to teach them how to write and record voiceovers, as well as how to shoot b-roll. Because I was able to share more responsibilities with my peers, my primary role was as editor, which allowed me to focus on a specific set of skills and experiment with new techniques and timing, while at the same time still helping others on staff to build their broadcast skills. Even though I was confident with my broadcast skills, it was sometimes intimidating to be the one teaching senior EICs how to make a package, including Samantha Powers, who created the voiceover for this segment.

Recognitions: Third place – video feature package, Quill and Scroll Writing, Photo and Multimedia Contest (2022); Excellent – broadcast feature story, TAJE (2022); Part of my First place – Broadcast Journalist of the Year portfolio, NSPA Individual Awards (2022)

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