Last spring, I worked on a project for Jostens Renaissance – a program that focuses on school culture – that was meant to show the high school experience from students at the beginning and end of their high school career. Even though I was given a list of questions to ask students on my campus, I had a lot of freedom with asking follow-ups and selecting interview subjects. I quickly got to work on this project, which was somewhat of a dream assignment for me — interviewing being my favorite aspect of journalism. I took a very conversational approach to my interviews, which I think is what led to the wide array of authentic responses I received. I also worked to find people from different extracurriculars and school groups to make sure I included a variety of diverse student voices. When my interviews were tested by a market audience, the videos received some of Jostens’ highest ratings to date because of my efforts to accurately represent high school students. This is a short reel of some of my favorite responses from these interviews.

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