During my sophomore year, my Issue 3 story was chosen for the double truck, which meant I got to try out designing a center spread for the first time. For this design, I had to be mindful of proximity and space to tell two different stories about student bands. I also needed to figure out a way to have dominance on the page without making one story seem more important than the other. Because one of the bands, Fascist Peach Cobbler, was made up of students across AISD and only had one McCallum member, I paired a cutout of her with a group photo of the other band, Daydreamer. I also wanted to include the personality of each band in the design, so I decided to use the Fascist Peach Cobbler logo in the headline and got each member of Daydreamer to “autograph” their group photo. This taught me about packaging different stories together in one design, maintaining balance and theme within the page, while also making sure the stories remain separate.

Recognitions: Superior – in-depth news/feature package, TAJE (2023)

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