When 20-year McCallum veteran Anda Baxa was named principal, I wanted to give a creative spin to the story by having him review his progress in the four main categories of evaluation for AISD principals after his first 100 days in the role — similar to the way a president is evaluated at the beginning of their term. This story format allowed me to add to the design by making a “100 day report card” graphic that included the grades Mr. Baxa assigned to himself in these four categories for readers who prefer a high-level overview before (or instead of) reading the story. I also complied photos of Mr. Baxa over his time at McCallum (all the way back from when he was just a student teacher) into a collage that I filled inside the 100 to help create a more interactive headline package. I incorporated a cutout of Mr. Baxa that anchored the bottom of the page while also highlighting his involvement in the community.

Recognitions: Third place – newspaper/newsmagazine design, NSPA Best of Show (2023)

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