As I was preparing my Instagram posts for the Student Press Freedom Week campaign (learn more about it in Law, Ethics & News Literacy), I wanted the social content to be united with the on-campus activities in some way. I had already hand-created black armbands — like those from the landmark Tinker v. Des Moines case — to be given out during the presentations, and decided to use them as an anchor image to connect the campaign. Each day leading up to Student Press Freedom Day, I posted an informational brief that described the history of student press freedom and paired it with an image that incorporated the black armband graphic I created to signal to readers that it was part of this collection. I later incorporated this black armband graphic into the Reels I created at the end of the campaign and in the graphics that went into the website compilation of each of the Student Press Freedom Day Instagram posts. Consistently utilizing this symbol of free speech in the graphics I created during the campaign allowed for a cohesive look and feel that branded the event to iconic imagery of the movement.

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