For our third issue of the 2022-23 school year, my co-EIC and I decided we wanted to have an environmental-themed issue that focused on local climate related news. Our double truck featured a story on carbon footprint and what students are doing to reduce their CO2 emissions. This put me in an opportune position to create a design that offered more to readers than just visual appeal. I used the page space to make a quiz allowing readers to calculate their carbon footprint. I leveraged road imagery to incorporate an infographic that utilizes contrast in both type and layout to supplement the dominant story on CO2 emissions. I also used repetition and alignment in the quiz results sidebar for a spread that delivers important information in a way that is organized, reader friendly and eye-catching. This allowed me to go beyond just informing readers about carbon footprint and its impact, but also to give them the tools to connect this broad topic to their own personal lives. 

Recognitions: Tops in Texas – feature page/spread design, ILPC (2023); Tops in Texas – infographic/sidebar, ILPC (2023)

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