The Uvalde school shooting roughly 160 miles from Austin set the tone for the start of my junior year. McCallum students like me were greeted with a myriad of new regulations intended to improve student safety on campus. While I appreciated the school administration’s proactive approach toward safety, the messaging was lacking. Locking doors, monitoring bathroom passes and implementing a new security app could save lives in the middle of a tragedy but would in no way stop a tragedy from occurring. These policies left me wondering: “Why isn’t our school and district putting more of its efforts into addressing the root of this problem?” From this question, our issue one staff editorial was born. To strengthen my argument, I researched the history of school shootings and warning signs to suggest thoughtful other solutions policymakers on both the district and state level could implement to make our schools more safe.

Recognitions: Best of the Best – subjective writing, TAJE (2023)

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