The summer before my junior year, AISD announced a list of campuses set to receive full and partial modernizations. McCallum was not one of them. Built in 1953, we’re the second oldest high school in the district, suffering from recent gas leaks, rain damage and wild animal break-ins. It was the staff’s unanimous agreement for an editorial stance encouraging community members to advocate for McCallum ahead of the school board’s final vote on the bond proposal. I wrote the story over only a few days in the summer, but it quickly gained traction from our readers. It was re-shared on Facebook and Twitter. But most importantly, when the board voted on the bond proposals, it moved to add McCallum to the list of schools receiving a full renovation. While it can’t be known exactly what convinced others to act, it is my hope that this editorial did played a part moving readers toward action. And at the end of the day, that’s what a good editorial is supposed to do — inspire change that benefits the community

Recognitions: Second place – editorial, NSPA Story of the Year (2023); Tops in Texas – editorial writing, ILPC (2023)

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