Student Press Freedom Week

As I was preparing my Instagram posts for the Student Press Freedom Week campaign (learn more about it in Law, Ethics & News Literacy), I wanted the social content to be united with the on-campus activities in some way. I had already hand-created black armbands — like those from the landmark Tinker v. Des Moines […]

I Heart MacJ

In an effort to reach our donation goal, I created 15 posts for the final 15 days of the I heart MacJ fundraising campaign highlighting reasons support MacJournalism. I wanted these posts to stand out from our other social media content to ensure that they caught reader attention and encourage community members to donate to […]

Immersive Half-Photo Template

Web design is somewhat more limiting than print design because we are bound by School Newspapers Online (SNO) settings. However, I have worked to make our web stories more engaging by utilizing a variety of different templates, to best connect with the story content. For this article, I utilized the immersive half-photo story template that […]

Long Form Story Template

When I was compiling my Student Press Freedom Day work into a web post, I quickly realized that the long-form story template was the way to go because of the large amount of content. This template allows you to section longer stories into “chapters” to help break up the text for readers without losing engagement. […]

Holy CRAP! Design Presentation

At the beginning of this school year, as we were making the switch from LucidPress to InDesign, we decided to have a week dedicated to training the staff on the new software. The first days were dedicated to setting up Adobe accounts and getting everyone synched to our shared drive via Google Drive for Desktop. […]

Publication Reviews

“Publication reviews” are one of my favorite exercises to get staffers motivated for their work on the next print issue and are conducted at the beginning of our design week. Each issue cycle, we select a different student newspaper from a program that helps set the standard for scholastic journalism, and look through one of […]

Live Game Coverage

As a member of the varsity football coverage team this fall, I took on many roles, but primarily I worked as the graphics editor. This meant that I designed and edited the score graphics that were posted with each quarterly update throughout the game. The key to these graphics was getting all the important information […]

Breaking News Announcement

One of the most important aspects of our social media coverage is our branding as MacJournalism. When we post score graphics for games or the final exam bell schedule, we use the same templates to build a recognizable image for our followers. This is especially important when it comes to breaking news announcements that we […]

Opioid death rate still increasing

Our second issue of my junior year centered heavily around the fentanyl crisis and drug use, which presented the challenge of finding visuals to accompany stories, as we did not have usable images from our student photographers. As I was designing our page three news story, I decided to incorporate stock photography to create an […]

Overworked from overtime

This story focused on specific McCallum teachers who work second jobs to supplement their teaching income. Although I could have utilized photos of my teacher sources for this page, I wanted the design to apply to the more general topic of overworked teachers — a somewhat universal feeling of public school educators. I was also […]

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