A Taste of Fascist Peach Cobbler / Following their (day) dreams

During my sophomore year, my Issue 3 story was chosen for the double truck, which meant I got to try out designing a center spread for the first time. For this design, I had to be mindful of proximity and space to tell two different stories about student bands. I also needed to figure out […]

Seeing these stars

For our second issue of the year, we wanted to use the space of our double truck to feature multiple students, rather than just one story. The mini-profiles on the page were all about students in the marching band who also are a part of other football game extracurriculars like Blue Brigade, cheer, athletic trainers […]

Back to the Beginning

When I got to work designing my story about the new yearbook adviser Frank Webster, I knew I had the chance to do something creative. I wanted to take advantage of how recognizable yearbooks are and design the page around that concept. For the dominant image, I wanted to model a traditional “mugshot” page from […]

Movies take a backseat to safety

I have a distinct memory of the start of our second issue cycle during my freshman year. Shortly after pitch, the EICs challenged the staff to produce more creative page designs for this next issue. As a new staffer who was still learning the basics of story structure, the idea of letting go of the […]

What’s driving your CO2 emissions?

For our third issue of the 2022-23 school year, my co-EIC and I decided we wanted to have an environmental-themed issue that focused on local climate related news. Our double truck featured a story on carbon footprint and what students are doing to reduce their CO2 emissions. This put me in an opportune position to […]

Looking back on the good old ‘Dazed’

This Dazed and Confused double truck was an initially stressful undertaking because it was a last-minute switch added to the print ladder. The issue, themed around Austin’s past, present and future included stories about city parks, gentrification and the nature of a place so many students call “home.” When I learned that a photojournalism student […]

Nicotine advertising targets teens

When I was working on this page, I knew design would be important because the whole story revolved around the way advertisements for nicotine products use eye-catching images to target teenagers. I decided to lean in to this idea by making the main focus of the page a dominant illustration of a high-interest topic, that […]

Baxa’s first 100 days

When 20-year McCallum veteran Anda Baxa was named principal, I wanted to give a creative spin to the story by having him review his progress in the four main categories of evaluation for AISD principals after his first 100 days in the role — similar to the way a president is evaluated at the beginning […]

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